Dr. John Wisniewski


Presidential Professor, Carl T. Bush Lecturer,

& Assistant Professor

H.L. Dodge Department of Physics & Astronomy

University of Oklahoma

Telephone: (405)-325-3961 ext 36241

Office: Nielsen Hall Room 241

Email: mylastname_at_ou.edu

  Research Interests
Circumstellar Disks

Circumstellar disks are ubiquitous throughout all stages of stellar evolution for all masses of stars: they guide the accretion of matter in star formation, serve as the birthplace of planets and may influence the subsequent migration of these bodies, and shape stellar outflows in later stages of stellar evolution. I use multi-wavelength observational techniques, using ground- and space-based facilities, to investigate the structure, evolution, and origin of circumstellar disks.

Extrasolar Planets

Observational Polarimetry