John J. Tobin Ph.D

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Homer L. Dodge Assistant Professor of Astrophysics
University of Oklahoma

440 W. Brooks St.
231 Nielsen Hall
Norman, OK 73019


Phone: 1-405-325-3961 x36231
e-mail: j-j-t-o-b-i-n -at- (no dashes)

I am an astrophysics professor at the University of Oklahoma. I study the early phases of the star formation process, examining many facets of young stellar objects.

The Images at the top illustrate the different views of a protostellar system gained by looking at protostar with different telescopes. The images are as follows: Spitzer in the near/mid-infrared (left), the high-resolution view from the Gemini telescope (left center), the high-resolution submillimeter view from the Submillimeter Array (middle right), and the gas velocities measured with the 13CO molecular line from the CARMA Array (right).