A Monte Carlo Event Generator for p p, pbar p, and e+ e- Interactions

F.E. Paige, S.D. Protopopescu, H. Baer and X. Tata

ISAJET is a Monte Carlo program which simulates p p, pbar p, and e+ e- interactions at high energies. It is based on perturbative QCD plus phenomenological models for parton and beam jet fragmentation. The manual describes the physics and explains how to use the program.

ISAJET is written in Fortran 77 (with a few common extensions) and is distributed using the Patchy code management system developed at CERN. The Patchy source file can be be unpacked and compiled on any supported Unix system by editing the Makefile and selecting the appropriate options. Compiling ISAJET on any other computer with ANSI Fortran 77 and Patchy, including any for which CERNlib is supported, should be straightforward.

Since release 7.72, ISAJET has been interfaced with IsaTools, which contains

In addition to the files for ISAJET, IsaTools requires isared.tar.gz, which contains computer-generated code for IsaRED. Including IsaTools is optional, but it is included by default in the Makefile. See Section 13 of the manual for more information.

We especially thank Alexander Belyaev for his contributions to Isatools.

We express deep thanks to Andrew Box for embedding his RGEFLAV code into Isajet 7.81. The release memo describes changes from the previous version. A history of changes in contained in

Some older .car files are available here.