Lab 20: Final Project.

In this lab you will build an electronics project kit. The instructions are included in the kit. You will not work in isolation; but each of you will have your own project to build. This involves understanding how your circuit works, assembling it, troubleshooting it, and demonstrating that it works. You will be graded on the project.

The final project will count as a two period lab and thus factor into your final grade as part of your lab grade.

You will use your lab notebook to take notes while you are doing your project.

Reading Ch 14

Submission of the lab consists of:

1)      (0pts) A printed cover sheet with the name of your project, your name, and section,

2)      (25 pts total) Write a one paragraph explanation/description of how the circuit works. Pretend you are explaining its function to a fellow Physics/Engineering Physics major.

3)      (25 pts total) Write a one to two paragraph explanation which outlines how you tested the circuit to make sure it is working correctly. (All of the test equipment in the lab is available for you to use.) If the circuit does not work, explain the troubleshooting method you used to identify the problem in the circuit and what you would need to do to make it work.

4)      (20 pts total) Write a one paragraph description of what you learned doing this project.

5)      (10 pts total) Demonstrate the working project to your instructor.

6)      (20 pts total) Your instructor's inspection of your project (neatness, care, accuracy, completeness, etc.)

7)      (10 Notebook points) Photocopies of your lab notebook pages.


Failure to demonstrate or to submit your project for inspection will cause your grade for the above to be discounted by 50%.

Lab reports must be typewritten 12 pt font, double spaced!!
A maximum of 2 pages (sides) can be used for parts 2, 3, and 4.