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[   ]Creation of Laguerre-Gaussian laser modes using diffractive optics.pdf2003-08-11 14:02 296K 
[   ]Design of a biased Stark trap of molecules that move adiabatically in an electric field.pdf2003-05-19 11:27 336K 
[   ]Impossibility of a biased Stark trap in two dimensions.pdf2005-11-04 08:56 41K 
[   ]Measurement and prediction of the throughput of a magnetic octupole volocity filter.pdf2003-08-13 16:32 336K 
[   ]The Hanle effect in Rb vapour under strong laser excitation.pdf2005-11-04 09:02 582K 
[   ]The stark effect in nitric oxide.pdf2005-11-29 14:45 390K 
[   ]Vortices in Bose Einstein condensates confined in a multiply connected Laguerre Gaussian optical trap.pdf2003-08-11 14:03 371K 
[   ]magnetic velocity filter.pdf2003-08-13 16:32 336K 

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